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About us

Brands are your babies!

We know that until you bring your babies to this time, you have endured by shivering on them and brought them to these times, you have had hundreds of beautiful memories, dreams and excitement with them. As you can see in time, some babies are big and strong, while others are still crawling. This is why your babies need to be educated and professionally managed until they reach their dreams.

We are actually your babysitters!
For years we have worked as a babysitter for domestic and foreign companies. We studied schools and received training in the kitchen of the business. We produced many projects for professionals and other babies. We learned that the perception of babies is very high and it is very important to approach them from 360 degrees in order not to stay unidirectional in today's digital transformation process.

In this process we;
We work with the finest detail to establish a full emotional bond with her and contribute to every step of her development and a strategic road map in her life journey. We support the target audience and determine the playgrounds so that their social development can be with the right people, we help them use their energy in the right places and contribute to their development. We produce various toys to be a good player in the social environment and to communicate. Of course, we tell stories to your baby so that they can help them establish tighter bonds in society when they tell their own story. We think about how she can express himself better with her speech, character and written language that will raise her in the community. We take beautiful pictures of them and take into the videos so that she always remembers her beautiful memories and when she looks back, she can realize her development and take it one step further. We deliver their successes and development processes to the masses to inspire more people.
Stories are important, if you want to listen to our story or need a caregiver, we love babies!


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